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Customized fully integrated approach to give your team all the tools they need to start the product design and creation process.


Standard content are:

Macro trends | Material Direction | Color Direction | Branding | Category design direction | Sample boards


  • Macro trends: Defining global must have directions 

  • Material Direction: early material direction is key as material is critical in the process

  • Color Direction: Fundamental and seasonal color creation with category specific applications

  • Branding: Defining how the brand will appear on product and what will be the differentiation between categories

  • Category: Individual story telling for each category and product parameters supported with look and feel sample boards


KD is building the Creative Direction in person and delivering it to your Brand. The process takes about 3 month from start to hand over. Follow up meetings will be implemented to ensure guidance and follow up for the design team.


Exclusivity: This service is only offered to one client per season to avoid conflict of interest

Example space set up for CD presentation


Example CD supporting sample board